What are Advantages of Becoming a Personality-Expert?


EXPERTS: We have done all the work for you. You and your clients will be carefully walked through the process of paying for, and taking the expert series of six tests at a greatly reduced fee. Their test results are placed in your personality-experts.com back office

for your easy access. Training is so simple as well. All training necessary for administering and interpreting

the relationship help personality tests for your clients can be accessed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

and/or, you may choose to attend the advanced personality training in person at the Executive Training Resort 

where you will be personally instructed by personality expert, Dawn Billings.

(fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport)


OR your third option would be to bring Dawn Billings, or one of the PCPT Corporate Personality Experts to YOU,

where they can personally train all of your counseling professionals, or management team easily and effectively.

Colors personality business grow

Tests Included in PCPT
Expert Personality Test Series

Once YOU, as an individual private practitioner, clergy, professional coach or your counseling center become licensed

as Primary Colors Personality Experts, it costs YOU nothing to save your clients $149 on our complete Primary Colors expert  test series. (details above)  


PCPT is a unique series of personality/ communication/ relationship tests that will create greater personal insights in half the time, and enable you to help your clients, clergy, or management team gain faster and more in depth insight into what enables joy and success in their lives, AND what creates misery and discontent in their important personal and professional relationships.