Why Use Primary & Secondary Colors?

Based on Artist

Color Wheel 

Many people have ask, why did you choose to use colors as the basis for

the Primary Colors Personality Test? 


For the simple answer, watch the short video to the right:


For a more detailed answer, read below:


One day while in her husband's art studio, (her husband was both a surgeon and a wonderful artist)

Dawn became fascinated with her husband's artist color wheel he used when blending his color palettes for his paintings .


She loved the way colors blended, complimented and even conflicted with one another, and thought about their similarity to people's personalities.

Because she wanted the personality test to be simple, Dawn chose to use only the primary and secondary colors on the artists color wheel as a reference base when creating the Primary Colors Personality test. She understood that colors are a universal language. This would help to make the personality test more global in use, and Dawn’s primary color is green so she is greatly motivated by big-picture, global vision.


Dawn also realized that referring to personality in the context of basic primary and secondary colors was not threatening to the children, couples and families she counseled. Using something as simple as six primary and secondary colors as a vehicle to explain personality often puts people at ease, and provides a very easy way to organize and communicate complex information. Colors are easy to understand, remember and refer to, and blending them Dawn believes, is more creative than attempting to memorize letters in alphabet for example.


Because colors are easy to remember, understand and relate to, as well as their universality, Dawn chose to use the basic primary and secondary colors as the basis for the examples of differing personality tendencies, the two halves of the color wheel, centered and extreme personality tendencies.  

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