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Primary Colors

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Training Executive Director, Author, Relationship and Personality Expert 
Dawn Billings


What are Advantages of Becoming a Personality-Expert?

EXPERTS: We have done all the work for you. You and your clients will be carefully walked through the process of paying for, and taking the expert series of six tests at a greatly reduced fee. Their test results are placed in your back office

for your easy access. Training is so simple as well. All training necessary for administering and interpreting

the relationship help personality tests for your clients can be accessed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

and/or, you may choose to attend the advanced personality training in person at the Executive Training Resort 

where you will be personally instructed by personality expert, Dawn Billings.

(fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport)


OR your third option would be to bring Dawn Billings, or one of the PCPT Corporate Personality Experts to YOU,

where they can personally train all of your counseling professionals, or management team easily and effectively.

What tests are Included in the Primary Colors
Relationship Help Personality tests?

Colors personality business grow

Tests Included in PCPT
Expert Personality Test Series

Once YOU, as an individual private practitioner, clergy, professional coach or your counseling center become licensed

as Primary Colors Personality Experts, it costs YOU nothing to save your clients $149 on our complete Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality expert 6 test series. (details below)  


Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Tests are a unique series of personality/ communication/ relationship tests that will create greater personal insights in half the time, and enable you to help your clients, clergy, or management team gain faster and more in depth insight into what enables joy and success in their lives, AND what creates misery and discontent in their important personal and professional relationships.

Advanced Training

< Watch video as Dawn Billings explains what makes Primary Colors Personality Test and Expert Test Series Unique?

Primary Colors

Executive Training Resort
Executive Training Resort
Executive Training Resort

The Perfect Resort Training Experience for Executives, Therapists, Professional Coaches, Speakers and Trainers, Lawyers, Politicians, Teachers,  Counselors, Psychologists, Direct Sales,& Top sales teams.​ 

The Primary Colors Personality Test (PCPT) is an absolutely phenomenal tool! The PCPT can help an individual gain awareness as to why they behave and respond as they do in different situations, have better clarity as to why others behave as they do, and can open the doors to better quality relationships in all areas of life. I have taken many personality profiles over the years, including Meyers Briggs, DISC, and others, and I have to say that the PCPT is by far the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand and apply personality test I have experienced.


Going through the training to be licensed as an expert to provide the tests for my clients, I was able to see just how many applications this test can be utilized for - as well as the depth of understanding the test itself can provide. Not to mention, the training itself at the resort was an absolutely decadent experience!  

I am thrilled to be able to offer the Primary Colors Personality Profile to others. I feel the more people have a true understanding of human behavior, especially their own, the more they are able to make more conscious choices and therefore, experience a greater quality of life. 

Stacy Axon, Professional Trainer and Success Coach, PCPT Advanced Training Expert

Executive Training Resort
Executive Training Resort
Executive Training Resort
Next available Advanced Personality Training Dates 
Call 602-717-2026
for additional dates & details.

Have the time of your life at a RESORT as you experience the Advanced Personality Training for Primary Colors Personality Test. The $2,500.00 advanced personality training is FREE when you become a Platinum Personality Expert with Primary Colors and you save $375.00 on the advanced training when you become a GOLD Personality Expert.

Becoming a PCPT Expert

Who is the Perfect

The Perfect Personal & Professional Insight & Communication Tool for Therapists

colors personality experts

PCPT training is the perfect personal insight, communication and team building tool for therapists, counselors, professional speakers, trial lawyers, communication experts, corporate trainers, professional coaches, top sales teams, community organizers, church leaders, educators, and YOU! 

PCPT easy to take from phone.png

Amazing Benefits of Using the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Insight Tools

  • Help your clients gain personal and professional insight with ease.

  • Have test results mailed directly to the therapists.

  • Help clients advance quickly through the personal/other insight process.

  • Help your clients build your communication/relational confidence. 

  • Help clients recognize dysfunctional and limiting patterns with ease.

  • Stay ahead of the knowledge curve as a therapist in your community.

  • Add a unique personal insight tool to your psychology tool box.

  • More powerfully work with clients with very different personalities.

  • Gain access to unique new communication, relationship and personality tests.

 Perfect Personality and Personal Insight Tools for Professional Coaches

Cutting Edge Communication & Conflict Resolution Technology

Primary Colors Personality Tools

Want to learn more about how Primary Colors Relationship Personality and Insight tools can help you to better  serve your clients? Want great advice from 25 of the Top International Coaches? Get your FREE ebook -

Coaching for Results:

Expert Advice from 25 Top International Coaches

<<  Enjoy the short video to the left to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Primary Colors Personality Expert and gaining access to the PCPT Personality and Personal Insight Tools.

Primary Colors Personality Test, & Personality Insight Tools for Professional Life and Success Coaches

(License for use with your clients. Become a member of the Personality-Expert team.)
email or call Dawn Billings for one-on-one consultation 918-605-1492

 Perfect Personality and Personal Insight Tools for Top Management

Managing Personalities in Workplace book
Now, more than ever, it is imperative that executives and top management become fluent in personality and communication. The Primary Colors Personality training is cutting edge, easy to implement, easy to understand, extremely accurate and FUN. It is a communication and management tool for executives who want to master communicating powerfully and effectively with a wide variety of personalities to command the greatest respect and accomplish the greatest success.


PCPT is the perfect training tool for anyone who works with high-level executives and top management and needs to communicate powerfully and effectively, no matter the personality they are interacting with. Now executives can be trained in the simplest, yet most effective, personality tool that will enable them to understand within a few minutes of conversation, exactly what personality style they are speaking with, and how to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools & Materials for

EXECUTIVES, Corporations and Top Management

(license for use as needed for staff, trainers, and employees only)
email or call Dawn Billings for one-on-one consultation 602-717-2026
Gold and Platinum






It's Easy to Become a Primary Colors Relationship Personality Expert

The Licensing Benefits below are for individual professionals who understand that education is continuous and new therapy tools are priceless. Now you can use Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality products in your private consulting, coaching or counseling practice. 

These packages are NOT applicable to organizations and large corporations.

For licensing prices for organizations, churches, non-profits and corporations please contact Dawn Billings at or call 602-717-2026 / 918-605-1492



Licensing NEW PCPT info page.png
Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Experts only requirement to remain in good standing is to share reduced price ($99 USD) Online 6 Test Series with at least one client a month. (Experts are not limited to number of clients they can share discounted price for Test series. Basic yearly requirements can be met by sharing 12 online tests in one week, one month or one year. After basic requirements are met, there is an expert 20% back reward bonus for every client over your 12 a year minimum. Each professional within a counseling center is required to meet minimum if they want to enjoy the reward bonus.
**However, a counseling center can remain in good standing by sharing only 12 online tests series a year throughout all of the counselors working in their center.
For information about the next Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Expert Training date at the Resort please call Dawn Billings: 918-605-1492
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